Sarah Jamieson is fascinated by the complexities of conscious thinking: connections found in surfacing thoughts that are not quite communicated, but are materialised into sensory installations, moving image and performances where these gaps are exposed, but in a way that affirms our capacity to connect. Currently her work focuses on the awkward spaces where slippages occur; limited connections inciting misunderstanding. To translate and visualise the gaps in our communication and exposing verbal idiosyncrasies; directing attention to these moments where we may stumble, pause, hesitate and stutter, the expressions and gestural motions that are formed as we aim to further our intent.

Sarah's intent is to encapsulate what is often missed in the everyday experience of interpersonal communication, as well as methodologically by-passed by academic fields that seek to understand the social, psychological and linguistic dimensions of interpersonal communication.

An visual extension of ourselves as we think; creating artwork from revisions and interruptions to communication, that take place as our attempts to communicate are articulated in real time. Captured moments through audio & visual recording.

Sarah directs our attention to the spaces where making thinking, making contact and the transformative processes used that connect us towards understanding and sharing; the human influence. The selection process and translation that takes place when we capture from the mist the ‘words’, an act seemingly instantaneous, as we string these together to formulate a sequence of movements and sounds that hold substance to carry these forward beyond ourselves for others to hear.

Jamieson's installations are focused on heightening awareness of the individualistic frameworks that form our conception of self and asking the viewer to participate in the work if not necessarily understanding what she has to say.


Born in Guildford in June, 1988.

Indonesia                                                                           Family moved to Jakarta from 1991 till 1997 - Sarah attended The British International School: a diverse environment for learning and experiences gained in most formative years in childhood. 

Returned to the UK, Devon 1997 - Attended year 6 primary education at Tipton St John and then secondary education at The Kings School, Ottery St Mary.

Foundation in Art and Design                                     Somerset College of Art and Design, 2006 - 2007

BA(Hons) Fine Art                                                                The University of Plymouth, 2007 - 2010

PGCE (DTLLS)                                                                        The University of Plymouth, 2011 - 2012

MA Fine Art                                                                     Plymouth College of Art, 2015 - 2017



Photographer: @josh_greet

Photographer: @josh_greet